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Other Stalls at La Bunjurga Medieval Festival

There will also be a large number of other vendors from around the scenic rim exhibiting their products during La Bunjurga Medieval Festival

Our Goat Soap

our goat soap

Goat milk soap has rejuvenating, moisturising and softening properties. We have created our own blend of luxury oils as it is important to us that all our products are gentle for all skin types. Natural clays and botanical products are used for colouring and texture as well as using only Essential oils for fragrance.

 Our Goat Soap

Our Goat Soap

Watercress Creek Olives

watercrest olives

In 1998 Bernard and Lorraine Mahon began farming olives. The property now grows three different varieties of olives and produces olive products, lime cordial, chutneys and jams and host an annual Watercress Creek Olive Festival. 


Watercress Creek Olives and Limes